Artist communicating the story of BOBHA.
Experimental | Contemporary | Multidisciplinary  
Who is Pennie Vollet?
     1. My artwork is an attempt to communicate the story of BOBHA. I created this story to help me cope with the murder of a close friend. This story helped keep my sanity, and I know it can help other people in trying situations. I share BOBHA through film, sculpture, painting, photography, and music. I attempt continuous growth through artistic experimentation, creating artwork which hopefully evokes inspiration, thought, and enables sharing of ideas.
     2.  I’m founding member of  The ND Project is an independent collaborative art organization which hopes to act as a conduit for connecting artists, organizations, and art goers.  We strive to exhibit art to the largest most diverse audience possible (free of charge).  We hope to accomplish this goal through a collaborative online exhibition.
     3.  My current project,  BOBHA THEORY is a multidisciplinary artistic endeavor, which to this point has incorporated (film, music, sculpture, and painting).  With this next evolution of the project, I am incorporating new media elements along with contemporary experimental dance.

BOBHA is a story I created after the death of a close friend. Over several months of contemplation and questioning I found solace through connecting with Nature.  BOBHA is inspired by the fundamentals of Quantum Physics and String Theory.  Creating this story helped keep my sanity, and I believe it can help others in trying situations.

BOBHA explains the connection between all matter, and proposes the idea of a collaborative effort to evolve mankind’s ability to perceive hidden dimensions within the multiverse.  BOBHA proposes we are only capable of perceiving a small amount of the multiverse. Forces of Nature are actually communication attempts from other dimensions within the multiverse.
Our perceivable world operates much the same way our cell phone works.  Data is transmitted all around us 24 hours a day.  Only when our phones rings, or we log onto the internet are we able to detect this data.  Through connecting with NatureBOBHA can provide awareness of true reality, and provides a way for individuals to recognize communication from other dimensions.

The following are fundamentals of BOBHA THEORY:
1. What if the forces of nature are actually ways to recognize the transference of energy from the third dimension?

2.  What if dark matter, dark energy, and time space consists of energy from organic matter which left the perceivable third dimension?
3.  What if witnessing a random leaf falling from a tree is not random, but a way energy from other dimensions uses to communicate?

      4.  What if our actions in the third dimension affect our existence in other dimensions within the multiverse?

What does BOBHA THEORY hope to accomplish?
1.  BOBHA hopes to help individuals eliminate the disorders of Ego and Desire.
      2.  BOBHA proposes a collaborative effort to evolve mankind’s ability to perceive hidden dimensions within the multiverse.
3. Raising awareness to connection between all matter.
4.  Realization all matter consists of a single organism.Why can’t humans experience true Reality or Consciousness?
1.  Reality is constructed by interpretation of our senses.  All humans have Ego, and are influenced by multi-media.

     2.  Consciousness is constructed through an individuals interpretation of their constructed reality.
3.  True reality is unobtainable do to influences of            modern society.
Since reality and consciousness are constructed by influences of modern society, recognize the capability to construct consciousness however you seem fit.  Think for a moment how real dreams feel, and how dreams are related to past days events.  Have you ever fallen asleep to the television and have itpermeate your dreams?  This same concept can be applied while in the awaken state.  By focusing your thoughts you can create any reality.

What role does nature play in BOBHA THEORY?
1.  Through observation of nature, we can detect communication from other dimensions within the multiverse.
2.  Nature has no Ego, and cannot be influenced by multi-media bombardments.
3.  Nature displays pure artistic excellence.  Sculptures in the clouds,  color palates of flowers plants and trees.
     4.  Focusing on Nature provides relief from Ego, and Desire.
     5.  Focusing on Nature  allows for complete immersion in the moment.
     Focus on tree leaves and branches swaying in the wind.  The energy which provides movement could be coming from unperceivable dimensions.  This transference of energy could also be communication from others who left the perceivable third dimension. (past loved ones)

Can I Obtain True Freedom?
     1.To obtain true freedom, an individual must eliminate Desire, and Ego.
     2.  Recognize Desire and Ego are disorders which have been increased by Globalization from corporate conglomerates.
     3.  By connecting with Nature, an individual can help relieve themselves of these disorders.
Try focusing your attention up and out towards Nature, instead of down and in consumed by cell phones and the latest in technological gadgets.     Nature and animals are located up and out, and have  no desire or Ego; therefore cannot be influenced by modern society.  Everything located down and in has been constructed by corporate conglomerates to try to control us.
What If fortune is not random, can my actions affect my existence in other dimensions within the multiverse?
1.   Conduct in the third dimension has a direct effect on your existence in parallel dimensions.
     2.  Recognize connection within the multiverse, treat all organic matter with respect and compassion.
     3.  By helping others you are helping yourself.
Let’s say you spot a dog in your neighborhood which looks to be lost, and you take the time to reunite him with his owner.  Your existence in another dimension will be rewarded by what seems to be a random act of kindness.
How Did Globalization Create A World Of Indentured Servants?
     1.  Globalization has spread the disorders of Ego and Desire.
     2.  The new Global economy is a pyramid scheme.
*Experimental  focusing on collaboration in creativity. Emphasis on experimentation, rather than business, or any profit related activity.*


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